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Susan Mac Nicol




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images (2)Susan Mac Nicol was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. At the age of eight, her family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where she stayed for nearly thirty years before arriving back in the UK in December 2000. Currently, She lives in the rural village of Bocking, in Essex, with her family.

Sue is a PAN (Published Author’s Network) member of Romance Writers of America and a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. Also, she is a member of a rather unique writing group, called the Talliston Writer’s Circle, which in itself has a story all of its own to tell. She has written nine novels, two novellas and a screenplay since February 2012 and clearly believes in keeping herself busy. She has found herself wanting to stay in the sub-genre that is M/M Romance so more can definitely be expected.

Her plan is to keep writing as long as her muse sits upon her shoulder. Her dream is to make enough money to give up the day job and get that big old house in the English countryside overlooking a river, where she can write all day and continue to indulge her passion for telling stories.

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Book Name: Love You Senseless (Men of London: Book 1)IMG_24111538156359

Author Name: Susan Mac Nicol

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group



London’s saucy up-and-coming chef, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him senseless with desire.

From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.


An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t cooked since.

Until Eddie Tripp. Fun-loving and vivacious, the Norfolk redhead’s a real up-and-comer in Gideon’s kitchen—and other places. Slim where Gideon’s broad, easy-going where Gideon is growly, he and Gideon seem polar opposites, and yet Eddie conjures flavors that would tempt anyone with a taste for perfection. The sauce of love is already simmering, and this pair is about to dine on the most delicious dish they’ve ever prepared. Because Eddie’s been Gideon’s missing ingredient all along.


excerpt 1


Eddie kissed back, wanting nothing more than this moment, this man in his body and his lips on his. Somewhere a bell rang and for a minute Eddie thought it might be the sound of his own passion translated to tinkling sleigh bells and fireworks like in the cartoon movies when two people kissed. He smiled at that thought then as the bell got more insistent and irritating, he turned to Gideon only to find he was no longer there. Eddie scowled and reached across to where the annoying bell sound was….

He woke from his dream upright, sweating, sticky with come and tangled in musty smelling sheets that had seen their fair share of jack off action lately and needed washing. His hand rested on his mobile phone as it trilled incessantly with his Big Ben alarm. He blinked owlishly for a minute, wondering where he was, then as the dream faded, he fell back in a loose heap with a sense of loss.

Words: 85,000


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My Review: 

What to say, what to say… let’s start off with, in a way these two men could not have been more polar opposites except for their love of cooking. The saying “Your perfect match is the opposite of you, because then you have a complete circle.” Fits them to a T!

When you first meet Gideon you can’t decide whether you want to: hit him, hug him, slap him or just plain cry. He has lost so much in a horrific accident, but the problem is, he acts like he’s moving on but really he is stuck in the trap of survivors guilt. He was a well known chef who through the accident lost both his sense of taste and smell. Rendering him useless as a chef. The only thing he can do is manage the restaurant where he use to be the king. His pride and joy, his dream that he built and now hewallows in the fact, that he just manages it.

Eddie, on the others hand is the opposite. He is everything Gideon was, and truthfully he will be even better, in time. He is one of the chefs Gideon hires to take over when he can no longer cook.

Both men though are stubborn and blind. The two were attracted to each other from the start. It was great watching these two macho men dance around their feelings towards one another. Gideon’s accident left him full of unresolved rage that he refuses to get help for.

One night he overhears a conversation and took the contents the wrong way, sending him straight into a bottle of Jack. Eddie can’t stand seeing Gideon beat himself up so badly and decides to take pity on his boss and take care of him.(What a hardship right! Taking care of the man you’ve fallen for, but think you have no chance…. yeah we hear ya)

Through the liquid courage surging though his veins, he manages to somewhat tell Eddie th way he feels. Eddie is left confused. On one hand he can only hope that Gideon meant the words, but on the other could it have been the Jack talking. After avoiding the situation for a few days, Eddie takes matters into his own hands. May I say a bow down to you Eddie. Your take charge scene in the office not only rocked, it was smoking. A standing ovation Eddie for your prowess. Eddie definitely gets his answer, it wasn’t the jack talking. Life though can’t be that simple. After making a date with Gideon for later on that night, Eddie ran into some major trouble. He tried to let Gideon know, but unfortunately the message didn’t make it, though that was all on Gideon.

With Gideon’s past it sets off a storm that could have rivaled Hurricane Andrew, but once again Eddie forces Gideon to fac the truth. As the relationship builds, events happen to bring the couple closer, Gieon even begins seeking help for his problems. Slowly life begins to turn joyous. Gideon has what he never thought he’d feel again hope.

You know I will give no spoilers so I will leave you with this… The doctors say nothing physically is keeping Gideon’s senses locked away. Is Eddie the main to make all they’re dreams com true? Read and get your answer.

My Overall Impression:

4 * – I really liked it. Susan has such a way with words. She can weave a tale to the point in which you begin to feel as though you are the characters.

This book is definitely little lighter on the subject matter, but nevertheless just as strong and touching. I couldn’t imagine being in Gideon’s shoes, but Susan painted such a clear picture that you could actually envision what It would be like to live your life without two of your most prominent senses.

The way she wrote Eddie, spoke of a true knight. Someone willing to love and support you enough to make you feel whole. It tended at some points to make me envious he was just a character.

This book has proven once again to me that Susan deserves all the success she recieves. She is an amazingly talented writer with a flare for taking a subjects that would make some cringe and turning it into a beautifully written peice of art. I will continue being a Susan Mac Nicol fan and cant wait to read more from the Men of London series.  Make sure you get them, you definitely don’t want to miss out!


Time to get personal with some Q & A:

Q: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing each book?

I’ve always wanted to be a published author, ever since I was about..oh, six years old ( I’ve always written, poetry, stories, tried my hand at novels – so I guess its always been a passion. I told my mum when I was young that one day Id be published and shes really proud of me for what Ive achieved so far. As for each book – different things inspire me to write them, and the chaps themselves whisper in my ear and cajole me to tell their stories.

Q. What genre are your books?

I write Romance novels, no surprise there. I started writing M/F to start with, as I had this idea for a story and it wouldnt let me go until Id finished it. Now I write gay male Romances, or M/M- male/male.

Q. What draws you to this genre?

I was doing research for a bisexual serial killer for an intended M/F book I was writing.(This would be Love and Punishment which turned out rather differently..) I needed to find out a bit more about gay man sex so I started reading other authors novels. I found a treasure trove Id been missing. Honestly, Id no idea such a genre existed. I started reading like an addict and became hooked. Then I thought Id try write my own and Stripped Bare became a real success.

Q: Any writing rituals?

No, not really. I simply sit down at my laptop, and start writing. I dont make myself coffee, turn around three times or do anything like that.

Q: Whats more important: characters or plot? 

I think they are equally important, as one doesnt work without the other. However, I think I can live with a slightly awkward or holey plot as long as I enjoy the characters, and they are well developed, fleshed out and resonate with me, so they become people Id really love to know in real life.

Q. When and why did you begin writing?

And therein lies a story. Here it is very simply stated. Crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. Tried to write a screen play for him , specifically a romance but it was difficult to do. Had this dream of it getting made into a TV series so I could ask him to star in it and get to meet him. Decided what the hell, might as well write the book and the adapt to screen play. Finished the book, thought what the hell, might as well submit to a publisher too. Publisher liked the book, and here we are now, talking to one another.

Q. Do you have a specific writing style?

I dont think so and if I do, I dont know what it is. I love writing dialogue and I think Im quite good at it, and I love writing emotion. 

Q. What does your writing process look like?

Sit down at a blank screen with about a page of quick character sketches and a general idea where I want to end up, and start writing. No plotting, no first drafts, the first draft I do is the one my publisher gets. Ive been lucky to have an awesome editor and my books get less edits each one I do because shes taught me well. Jill Limber is my second treasure.

Q. Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)? 

I’m afraid Im boring. I dont at all. Im a bog standard version of writer.

Q. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing process?

I used to say the edits but as my writing has gotten better and I can actually see the black ink between the red pen, I dont feel as scared of them as I did before. I think the endings are a little hard for me, wrapping everything up so it makes sense and closing off unfinished business without leaving the reader feeling disappointed.

Q.Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

I love the emotional scenes, where you can use words to nurture or destroy a person. I do find the sex scenes a little difficult, simply to make them different and not regurgitate what I might have written before. I find this rather challenging.

Q. Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write?

Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox, K C Mitchell, Brad Boney, Kindle Alexander.they all contributed towards my writing in this genre and continue to make me fans of their work with each release.

Q.What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

I think getting that first book published was an incredible achievement, and it becoming a best seller on my first ever M/M book, a second. 

Q.Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

I used to be very emotional reading a bad review when I first started out. Now I look at it and say Meh. Everyone has their own opinion. I love the good reviews, tolerate the obvious trolls, and try and learn from the bad reviews, and to be honest, I have seen a few good points made from 2 and 3 star reviews. You cant allow them to get you down. 

Q.Do you have a favorite conference to attend? What is it?

I’ve only ever been to one and that was UK Bristol Meet.

I had an absolute blast, and intend going next year. Im attending Eurocon in Munich in July 2015 ( and I hope to get to the US for GRL in October 15 as well. Thats still the idea. It depends how many books I sell between now and then.

Q.What question do you wish that someone would ask about your book, but nobody has? Write it out here, then answer it.

Love and Punishment – Question – Do you hold the same views that Anthony Parglietto does on the punishment fitting the crime ?

Answer – Yep. I think there is far too little compassion for victims and more for the victimizers. I think people should pay for their crimes in a way commensurate with the crime itself. I dont know how popular that will make me with people, I have some quite radical views, but its my opinion.

Q.Do you have any advice to give to an aspiring writer?

If you have something to say, say it. If you have a story to tell, tell it. Sit down, write those words and when you have something you feel might have a chance of getting published, then try that too. Whatever you do, dont give up.

Q. Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?

If you ever get the chance to do a creative writing course, take it. It will be a tremendous help to you as a writer with a craft. I learnt the hard way, by having to re-write and see all the red marks in my MS. I’d never had a writing course before other than what we were taught at school and that was a long time ago.

Q. Do you have any advice for other writers or have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I think I’ve said it all in the previous comments.

Q. Are there any current projects an can you share a little of your current work with us is about?

I’m busy with the Men Of London series at the moment. You’ll definitely be seeing more of Eddie and Gideon as they play small cameo roles in future books in the series. Book number two is all about Taylor, and his love life, when he meets cynical and jaded investigator Draven Samuels. Book number three will be Leslies story and will be just as funny and cute as the man himself, I hope.

There will be six books in total in this series.

I am currently drafting an outline for my next full length book, called Living On Air, which will be the story of Carey Stillwell and Rhys McIntyre. I don’t want to say too much about the plot at this stage, but suffice it to say that Carey will be the most damaged soul I’ve written so far and this book will be extremely emotional and in some cases, disturbing. It’s the story of a man who fled a horrific childhood event (nothing to with sexual abuse like some of my other books) and hides out in a most unlikely place. Until he’s found by Rhys and then Careys whole rationale for the life he lives is challenged and turned upside down, and he’s not sure he’s going to make it through.


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