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Putting out an urgent call for Help and Grace

on May 26, 2015


So I’m not sure if you’ve heard through the grapevine what has happened in my life. I’ll spare you most of the gory details and tell you my husband of 16 yrs left me/kids, doing so by phone call. Since then, he has cut off all financial  accounts & has taken away the only transportation I had to care for our kids. All while he plays family man with another woman and extremely young baby.He’s even gone so far as to tell my youngest “Even though I’m no longer your father because I’m their’s now , I will always be your dad”(please keep reading)

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Can you imagine having kids and having to walk everywhere or tell them you can’t take them places, that’s me now, or trying to explain why their father is posting on FB, family type pics at the beach on vacation, or at the lake having cookouts while he loves on another baby; but tells us “I have no money or your not my responsability”; well that’s me now. Being a homemaker this has been a tremendous blow. Due to where we live most jobs available are not within walking distance and those that are, are only open for an overnight shift. After trying to do odd jobs, collecting scrap metal, cleaning houses,  mowing yards; those are just some of the things I have been doing to try to keep my son and I afloat. I feel as if I am a dog chasing it’s tail and I desperately need your help.

After much prayer and humbeling myself the Lord sent me back to MaryKay. Thank God for Rita and the rest of my former and now current MaryKay family. They are determined to see me through this and help me succeed. So I have been given a couple of Challenges that my Director Rita has set up, with this and of course your help, I definitely can beging to not only rebuild our lives, make money for my family as well as striving to reach the four month goal. This goal entails alot of hard work to move up the latter of success to not only build a future  but earn my first MaryKay car.

Most importantly though they have given me the means and a way to support myself and my children while trying to get back on my feet.

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I’m so excited to be back! I am getting my MaryKay  business started again  and I have my first challenge, and you guys were the first people I thought to ask for help!

Earlier you heard me speaking of challenges well there are three. The first mainly is to help me but youll notice the 2nd challenge deals with helping the MaryKay foundation for domestic abuse. The 3rd challenge is a big one. It is to support our troops.  Ill explain each challenge as I intro the pic. I’m positive you can find one that suits your needs.



**My challenge is to sell $24 in products to 24 ppl today(Ok technically by June 15th but shhh don’t tell Rita) and when I reach my goal I get a ton of free products to help get my buisness started with a base inventory. (I’m making it super easy just click any image or link and it will take you to the MaryKay website) **

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Challenge #2


** This Challenge is called “Lip Gloss Can Challenge “. It helps with the MaryKay Foundation that helps women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. The goal is to sell one of each of the limited edition lipgloss. So you will have a set. Proceeds from every sale go into the foundation.(I’m making it super easy just click any image or link and it will take you to the MaryKay website to the exact location of the limited edition lipgloss )**

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Challenge #3


** This Challenge is called “OPERATION SUNSCREEN “. Our soilders that are fighting and risking their lives for our freedom.  Marykay has made a company wide goal to sponsor as many soildiers as we can.

How this challenge works you make  a 100% tax deductible Donation to “Operation Sunscreen “. For only  $25 you sponsor 2 soildiers with a 50spf Sunscreen Set and Lip Protector. (I’m making it super easy just click any image or link and it will take you to the MaryKay website that the sunscreen is on, at the bottom of the page you will see the lip protector)**

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All these challenges help me out tremendously even if the proceeds go directly to the different fundraisers.   Hopefully after reading the different challenges and the different ways thwy can both help and enrich several different entities you will be open to checking out the Mary Kay website if not for yourself but maybe you have someone who needs a gift soon.

I am positive regardless you will be finding some things you might love to order for yourself, your man/woman , or a gift; and help me reach my goal? I don’t have my website set up yet but I can still place orders just the same. All you have to do is send me an email at:  with the items you wish to order. i will then go on to the website and get the exact amount and by using easypay you get free shipping.  By doing things this way the orders go on my name. Payment will be done securely through PayPal which I can walk you through super easy. Please click this link to go directly to the website or just click on the flyer that is in the attachment :

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**Now this is important**

Have you ever thought of earing a bit of extra money, winning some beautiful jewlery, taking vacations Marykay pays for… oh and let’s not for get the amazing cars. It is an amazing opportunity and if it sounds like something you’d be interested in please email me and I can help you get started. 


JIf you have any questions or want more information please shoot me an quick email to: and I’ll get back to you immediately . You are literally helping save me and my kids as we rebuild our lives.

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Thank you for reading this and please, please, find it in your heart to forward this to as many people as you can think of. (I can email you a version if it’s easier) MaryKay isn’t just makeup anymore it hasten EVERYTHING even amazing things for men, spa days, you name it.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you. Remember even if you can’t purchase, please forward via email or fb; every share helps



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