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Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia 2015 #HAHABT

on May 20, 2015

HAHABT 2015 images (28) Welcome to one of the stops on the #HAHABT Tour. If your familiar with this wonderful organization great, if not let’s get you up to speed.

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Here’s the link to find out more about this special and important day.

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Each blog on the stop is supposed to talk.about personal experiences, what this means to them, why they may choose to write this genre… Well I’m going to tell you about a little boy named Steven. This to me was the tuening point in my life. I grew up as a daughter or a preacher. Now I will say my father wasn’t a hellfire and damnation preacher and some of his closest friends are gay. My mom on the otherhand isn’t so excepting. im sure your wondering where this boy comes into play. So I’ll tell you. We lived in a small town in Illinois when I was in the third grade, and this boy unfortunately was born transgender.  Back then you didn’t talk about it or see it for what it was but boy did Steven know he was not meant to be a boy. I’ll never forget the cruelty our classmates showed him. He of course insisted he be called Stephanie and she was my friend. She was every bit a girl as I was just in a boys body. I remember getting mad so mad when kids mad her cry or beat her up and even my mom blamed the parents,  but at that age you aren’t capable of creating elaborate “lies” as people said. I remember crying with her because she didn’t understand why god made her with boy parts. i know know it was to build strength of character and to touch peoples lives. I moved away but I have never forgotten her.

God doesn’t make mistakes, In his own words were are all his creations so no creation of his is wrong or does he love any less. I try to instill in my children Love is Love no matter the form and to cherish it however it may come to you.

This is my first time participating in this hop and I may have done his wrong but I feel Stephanies story deserved to be heard.

By clickig on the badge at the top it will take you to the main page and provide a list of other blogs participating in the hop, please take the time to visit and read the stories we have all provided. To me Love comes in many forms if your lucky enough to find it in a polkadot purple hippo hold on to it tight. You can alo clixk the link below and reach the same page


giveaways 66

In honor of the hop I am offering two winners a LGBT themed book in the format of their choosing. I will use to choose the winner. Once the two winners are selected Ill send you an email with a list of authors and books for you to choose from. Trust me I gaurentee there will be a book you want. Winners will be chosen 48hrs after the blog hop ends.

To win:

1.You must leave a comment letting me know how either someone has touched you like Stephanie did me or what you have learned from reading from the different blogs on the hop.

**Make sure you leave your name and email address so I can get back in touch with you, and good luck**

8 responses to “Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia 2015 #HAHABT

  1. H.B. says:

    Thank you for sharing Stephanie’s story with us. On the blog hop I learned that there are at least 81 countries where homosexuality is considered illegal and out of those 10 are punishable by death.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always known that Love is Love no matter who or why!



  3. Milica says:

    Well,honestly I haven’t had an experience like you had with Stephanie…but love is love,and we must all fight for equality,whether we know someone who belongs to LGBTQ population or not. It’s the least all people deserve,to be treated as equals.


  4. Lee Todd says:

    Love is Love….and everybody should be able to love whomever they choose without fear of reprisal



  5. bn100 says:

    learned everyone should be treated with respect

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


  6. sionedkla says:

    Love is love. I feel that if we all were able to befriend more Stephanies in our lives we would be accepting without even thinking about it. My hope is that we can reach that point in my life time.


  7. sherry1969 says:

    I’ve always known that everyone should be treated equal and that love is love.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com


  8. sula22 says:

    Thank you for being part of this enlightening blog hop and for sharing this story with us. I have quite a lot of experience with regards the various topics raised on the various stops and I have also learnt quite a lot. One was a number of years ago, in my teen years, I was on a work experience job and the women’s rest room was adjacent to a sitting area, so if you wanted to use the rest room you had to pass through it (which was why it was mostly used by women). During one lunch period I was having my lunch with a few colleagues when a tall, beautiful, well dressed women came in, hesitated and seemed embarrassed by of us looking up as she came in. Some of the group started to whisper and laugh, in an unpleasant way, and the woman eventually left after visiting the rest room with her head down and not looking again at us. I have been on the receiving end of peer spitefulness/bullying and I was shocked by my colleagues attitude, especially when I learnt she was a transgender person. I met her again a few weeks later and found that she did a lot of charity work and support for LGBTQ youth and was a really kind, generous person that my colleagues could not be bothered to get to know due to their ignorance and prejudice.

    Thank you also for a chance to win a surprise LGBT title ❤ slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com


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