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EM Lynley gives a new name to “Hostile Takeover”

on November 24, 2014

Title: Hostile Takeover

Author: EM Lynley

Hero: Chase Richards/Mathais Tobler

Genre: M/M Romance

Length: 320 Pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: September 27,2012

Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks and Kobo 

*I received a copy of this book from the EM Lynley in return for a fair and honest review.*



Years ago, Chase Richards and Mathias Tobler fell in love while training for the US Olympic fencing team. Afterward, they even attended the same business school so they could be together. Then Chase left Mathias alone and heartbroken in Italy. But all of that is ancient history by the time Chase thunders back into Mathias’s safe, settled life with a business deal.

There’s no way Mathias is going to do business with Chase. He spent nine years picking up the pieces and has moved on in life—and love. But Chase won’t give up without a fight: he concocts a scheme to manipulate the market and take over the Tobler family business. If Mathias wants to save it, he’ll have to face off against Chase over crossed sabers.

Chase has a reputation as an unscrupulous corporate raider, but the Tobler business holds little interest for him. In reality, he wants Mathias. Chase must win him back—by any means necessary—before Mathias gives his heart to someone else. But how does a cold-blooded corporate raider convince the man he loves that his heart really isn’t made of stone?

review 6

***You’ll notice this review is fairly long due to there being so much I want to say. Trust me though I in no way give out spoilers or info on the details of why things happen or what really is going on. Just breezing over pertinent parts***


Part 1

Oh man, when. This book first started, i wasn’t sure what to think. As I continued reading, without even realizing it I was ensnared.  Chase and Mathias have a tumultuous past.

Meeting at the Official Olympic Training Camp for fencing, the boys managed to first, strike up a friendship, then it evolved into a 3. year loving relationship. The summer after they graduated, they decided to take their dream trip then come home and move together and start building a life. Only that didn’t happen.

Mathias went to Venice, but after numerous excuses Chase bailed and basically broke off their love over the phone. Mathias was devastated to say the least.  His family convinced him something wasn’t right and to go see Chase, this wasn’t him.

He finally agreed. To make matters worse he didn’t get to see Chase in time before Chase’ dad comes over, completely out of character, and tells Matthias that Chase chose his job and a million dollars over him. To Mathias, that was the only answer he needed. His gut told him something was wrong , bit being so heart-broken he didn’t care.

Chase’s dad has NEVER cared forward another’s feelings or welfare other than his own. So when he showed up, playing the concerned ex’s parent,  it really should have registered something was off. A week layer the calls came. Chase…. repeatingly trying to get in touch with him, but the damage was done.

Fast forward nine years to Chase. Up until this point, my opinion of Chase is crap. The stunt in the beginning of the book makes you think he’s as ruthless, nasty and uncaring as his father. Then, after what happens in Venice, my opinions are not to high. Though, listening to him, as he evaluates what he has and what he’s lost due to his fathers pressured, you genuinely feel horrible for him.

He’s still alone, miserable and still loves Mathias, he had tried to lock those feelings up. Whatever happened during the time of the breakup caused Chase to take over his dads company, while dissociating with him, at the same time. It may be one of the reasons for the consent calling, or he might not even know his father spoke to Mathias.

While going through the paper one morning, as Chase evaluates his life, he notices an engagement announcement for Mathias and a former Texan beauty queen, a Miss U.S.A. runner-up. All the feelings he locked up tight, broke free. I think this is the event that set the beginning of the actions that take place when the book starts. I think he might actually follows his old man’s motto and sets a course to redeem himself, by any means necessary.

Never before Mathias and never after did he allow himself to trust, to love, to dream with, hell even come to his personal bed, and to live genuinely happy with someone. Mathias was it, and even though it’s almost been a decade his feelings haven’t changed, but unless he does something quick, he’ll lose him again, but forever this time. He knows, what had and lost, but can he reclaim it?

Nine years for Mathias have been good. Well, good as long as he avoids Chase. He took over his dad’s company and is now a rich man, playing the game of Dallas, TX social elite. He stayed single up until almost a year ago, when he met Brooke at a charity dinner. Before that he would jut pick up random men or women to fulfill any needs.

Brooke storms into his life much like Chase did. Reading about their relationship gave me so many emotions. First, is Mathias really that desperate? Obviously, because anyone and everyone sees Brooke for the gold digging cheater she is. Their sex life is so vanilla it’s almost translucent, but even when the do come together she makes it known she doesn’t want it. She plays like she loves him even moves into his home, but has her own bedroom. Which she keeps him out of most times. She’ll only do that if she gets her way or wants something, but Mathias seems to have been blinded, until now.

His friends try to warn him, give him proof, as expected when confronted she denied it turned the blame back around on him and wouldn’t settle until she’d gather plenty of gifts. His heart knows his friends are right but he wont let himself go there in his mind, but his heart accepts and knows the truth. Even confirmation of her lying at an unexpected meeting at a restaurant isn’t enough to sway Mathais from leaving Brooke. He feels they can work through anything, but she will have to come clean about what her deal with sex is. Dealing with his anger, he actually screws the waiter in the bathroom, not knowing Chase had been in the restaurant and saw everything and followed him. This whole mess reminds him of Chase and once again it almost solidified the feelings again of not being good enough. He has a penchant for self-loathing. Chase’s betrayal of their relationship really did a number on him.

After Chase witnesses the bathroom “incident”, he’s determined to get back into Mathais life. His feelings, though lock away never disappeared. The problem is a few things; he has to get Mathais to hear him out and forgive him, decide whether he is willing to have a relationship out in the open if given the chance (he know Mathais wont stay in the closet), and finally he needs to find out what Brooke is really up to and save Mathais from her even if he never forgives him. He is Chase’s worst regret in life, what he did to the man almost a decade ago. After seeing him again though he knows he has to try, Mathais is it for him and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Lynley’s use of going from present day to the past was brilliant.  It allowed us to not only witness what the two were going through emotionally now, bit what actually happened back on the fated trip to Venice. It’s broke my heart to hear Chase share to us readers the reasons for his actions. It must have been horrible growing up with a father like that. Alan Richards knew exactly what would happen, and the fact that his visit of sympathy to Mathias came a week before Chase knew anything, showed just how much the two were played. Alan didn’t care about ruining two lives, just his own life.

At the same time Chase coming forward now is forcing Mathias to truly evaluate what his life is and what he wants. The memories of the two together never leave and Matthias knows deep down no one will ever compare to Chase. He doesn’t trust Chase, I understand but I wish he wouldn’t have shut chase’s explanation down. He did give him a chance “business only” to prove himself to Mathias again. I have no doubt Chase will make sure it happens. Chase has to really understand the damage what he did caused. He came to Mathias as the stripped bare true Chase he always had been when Mathias was around. Problem is that person in Mathias mind never existed. I will say Chase has his work cut out for him.

Unfortunately Mathias calls Chase out for who he really is and what he’s turned into, his father. Chase not thinking clearly did something that will change the course of so many lives forever. It also made him understand Mathias’s words. He was exactly like his father. Instead of winning him back, he probably lost him forever.

It was time. Time for Chase to grow up, be the man he was with Mathias and only hope one day the damage he caused can one day be fixed. Sometimes though, it may just be too late. (A lot of stuff happens. During this time and you learn what really took place nine years ago during the fateful trip to Venice and how the two mens lies were really like. You want so hard to hate Chase, but you can only be disappointed. They say if it’s not worth fighting for you don’t want it.) Chase decides to take a stand.

Part 2

(This part of the review will be considerably shorter because you need to read the actions and not have me as spoil it for you)

After everything that happened Chase finally realizes he is exactly what Mathias accused him of being. Then and there he decided no matter what it took or how ever long it took, Chase would show Mathias he was still and could me the man he loved nine years ago. Chase knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but the most important things in life weren’t. They took time to cultivate, and nurture.

Mathias decided to give Chase the chance to prove to him that he really is the man he is claiming to be, that this isn’t another game or act. After months of watching, waiting and witnessing Chase evolve back into the man he never stopped loving. Things began to change. One night after working late, the two men had dinner, let’s say not only was it a “hot”dinner, but the truths that destroyed both their lives nine years ago finally came out into the open. Giving the men a chance for a clean slate.

You know I wont give out spoilers, so unfortunately this is where I stop because any info I give will diminish your reactions as you read it.

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Overall Impression: 

 4.5 * – I loved it – EM did a wonderful job with this book. This book was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions for me. At some point I wanted to pummel each character but other times my heart just swelled. This book shows that no mistake is ever to great to fix if you really want it bad enough. I highly suggest you go read it. This book continues to solidify why I am an EM Lynley fan.

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